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Artesanía del Prado


In 2001 we started to work with fused and slumped glass and found this to be a wonderful contrast to the gentle  rhythm of production pottery.
We work with exciting colours and see the results in a much shorter time scale!

Hanging a Glass Wall Panel
glass wall panels

These translucent panels can be used as glass pictures - ideally with soft lighting behind or they can be used as an alternative window light to great effect. They can be ordered to fit a particular space within the capacity of our kiln!

View our Glass Wall Panels here

A group of pink Wall Lights
wall lights

Glass light shades made in the style of a traditional roof tile.  They are made to order from our colour range.

View our Glass Wall Lights here

Glass plates
... and more glass

We make a variety of glass dishes and coasters as well as decorative pieces.  Tiles can be made to order which can be used, for example, as splash backs for sinks and kitchens etc.

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