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Artesanía del Prado

Living here with garden and land to attend to [for example we have 180 olive trees to care for and harvest each year plus 260 pistachio trees] life is full of variety. There are times when we are completely absorbed in the studios and other times when the garden and land call us away. In spring as the land warms up the weeds ‘spring’ into action and thus so do we! Then in August/September for example we are havesting the fruit and nuts and bottling and drying and preserving all the produce that we grow.
Our news therefore will reflect this – not just pottery and glass but life!

latest musing


We are nearly at the end of yet another year and this one has been – as usual – full of life’s little challenges and fun. On the farming front the olive season was not such a good one – the plus side being that they did not take long to harvest! The pistachios continue to grow but it will be a few years before they fruit. Meanwhile becoming organic and - where possible – practicing regenerative farming is our goal. What with the above and a venture into ‘no dig’ gardening in the vegetable garden and learning how to care fore two rescue donkeys and a mule it’s a wonder that we have time for the real work….. ….however the studios continue to make their own rhythm and demands – the new Tarifa Range of tableware is leading the field in popularity and keeping up with stock is a priority. Enquiries for bespoke glass continue to come in and there has also been a lot of interest in pottery courses and we suspect the various televised pottery programmes have contributed to this. Our venture into renting out our Finca next door has been a huge success and we have learned very quickly how to deal with changeovers with speed and efficiency - see the link

….till the next ‘muse’!

The start of 'No Dig'
The crop!
Petra, Bienvenida and Muriel
Tarifa pots